Advantages of Valparaiso's Port

The port of Valparaiso has a number of features, both natural and operational, which make it a unique port in the country.

The natural features of Valparaiso's bay protect us from storm and SW winds. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted operation throughout the year.

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Due to Logistic Support Extension Zone (ZEAL), TPS has the lowest turnaround time by trucks within port logistic systems in the region, as well as a growth and development system in harmony with the city.

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The growing demand for services provided by TPS has motivated us to carry out a number of investments in order to increase capacity of the port. An example of this is the large number of reefer connections operating within the terminal and an access control system for trucks with a capacity to process up to 180 trucks per hour at the entrance and exit of the terminal.

We would also like to highlight our expansion project of 120 additional meters on berth No. 1, allowing larger ships to dock as well as increasing capacity of TPS' loading and discharging.

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We have the highest safety standards between domestic ports and worldwide. To verify this, we have the following international certifications: ISPS, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14000.

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The No-Paper Policy under which TPS operates has led us to managing strong links with information technologies. By doing so, our customers worldwide have almost all information available such as: shipping planning, container tracking, Entry Report scanning, Gate-In/Out, stacking schedules, visa, clearance and general operations.

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