Our People

TPS, everbody's pride

We work continuously, men and women, operating 24 hours a day, committed to the country's progress and international trade, all under our strong values of Integrity, Excellence, Reliability and Passion.

We value the contribution of people with vast career background because of the experience, knowledge and contribution to the training of new employees, as we seek to incorporate more youth and women to port activities, in order to have a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team capable of generating improvement opportunities for both operations and services provided by TPS as well as great opportunities for personal growth and career development.

Our workers have the opportunity to participate in various activities throughout the year. These activities are focused on both development and welfare of each participant as well as delivering a contribution to the community.


TPS' main role is operation, development and maintenance of berth Nº 1 at Valparaiso´s port. One of its objectives is the compliance of measures and protection procedures for shipping areas established under the ISPS Code in order to protect physical integrity and occupation health of all workers, as well as to protect sustainable development principles in its current and future operations.

Certainly one of the things that contribute to the fulfillment of the mentioned is the training in various functions performed by port workers within our enclosures. Each activity is being performed by a specialized trained person for this function, allowing us to operate with high safety standards and providing quality services consistent with the requirements and expectations of our customers.

In TPS, the objectives of training are having polyfunctional dockworkers, achieving professional development of their employees and increasing efficiency.


For TPS, human capital is its main asset. That is why we participate in the Skills Certification Program, where we recognize the years of experience of our port workers and their skills acquired due to their experience working in the field, which allows us to generate greater value and confidence to our customers.

This program begins with a survey of profiles, training of assessors who must be people who have recognized experience and career in the role that they will rate their colleagues and peers. Then, workers are invited to participate in this process for later on-site evaluation of different groups of employees to certify their working skills.

This certification process brings benefits such as Recognition and Appreciation, Labour Mobility, Encouraging continuous learning and creating value for companies.

The Certification Authority is a Working Skills Assessment and Certification Center accredited by Chile Valora aimed for the main industrial and productive areas of the country and focused on maritime and port transport sector.