Pro Pyme Seal

TPS obtained the Pro Pyme Seal

Over 400 Small and Medium Entrepreneurs are benefited with a 30 day payment policy.

Terminal Pacifico Sur Valparaiso (TPS) joined the group of Chilean companies that obtained ProPyme Seal, a certification which, in the case of TPS, results in direct benefit to 435 small and medium entrepreneurs who get their invoice payment within 30 days after receiving the documents. This equals to 63% of total port terminal providers, of which 252 companies are from Valparaiso.

TPS' General Manager, Francesco Schiaffino, pointed out that the company's financial policy states that all payments must be made within 30 days of reception, which applies equally to all suppliers, regardless of whether it is micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. "In order to make the decision to get certified, an analysis was performed of TPS' payment periods, incorporating 100% of our suppliers, ensuring that the overall compliance rate is close to 97%. This process began February 20th, after establishing contact with the Ministry Of Economy and Division of Smaller Size Businesses and later with the company responsible for certifying these procedures", said the executive.

He added that the certification obtained shows the economic contribution made by the terminal towards small and medium local enterprises, as in the case of the 435 companies that qualify as SMEs, the annual turnover exceeds 800 billion pesos (local currency), that is without including direct and indirect employment TPS gives inhabitants of the area as part of an activity that represents more than one third of the GDP of the commune.

"Now that we have established this payment discipline, it is important to maintain the certification being careful with internal processes associated with payment of invoices, being this a chain of events that begins at the moment of typing a Purchase Order, following different stages until it is delivered in Accounting Department for subsequent settlement of payment date. In order to endure doing so, we hope to have the support of all our suppliers, having enough time to emend all differences that may appear in the documentation, improving our trading relations and thus the entire value chain", said Francesco Schiaffino.

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